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Love, Victor: One Quote From Each Main Character That Sums Up Their Personality

The numerous characters that appear in Love, Victor have all spoken a number of quotations that neatly add up their complexpersonalities.The Hulu series Love, Victor lately vented its final season, and it meetly brought to a conclusion numerous of the stories that had been in play throughout its three seasons. While not every character ended up with the person that they were with at the morning, the show nonetheless did manage to do justice to its characters, their bends, and their loves.

Although it’s delicate to synopsize a complex character in one statement, it’s worth taking a look back at the numerous quotations these cherished individualities have uttered during their time on the show in order to showcase those which impeccably add up their entirepersonalities.Part of what makes Love, Victor such an excellent piece of LGBTQ representation in TV is its amenability to show the complicated position numerous youthful queer people face in this particular literalmoment.This quotation impeccably crystallizes Victor’s crucial struggle as a character, between his desire to live an authentic life and also to not be fully defined by his fornication. Eventually, of course, he manages to find a balance, so that he can have his love with Benji indeed as he can also be someone other than just “ the gay sprat. ” Felix is without a mistrustfulness one of the most likable characters in Love, Victor. Time and again, he shows that he’s a veritably good friend to Victor, but noway more so than in this quote, which impeccably shows him as the type of person that others can always count on to be in theircorner.Rahim is one of the most cherished characters to have been introduced after Love, Victor’s first season, and he also happens to be one of the series ’ smartest individualities. Unlike Victor, who frequently struggles to live his life genuinely, Rahim is unapologetic about his queasiness, as this quotation makesclear.What’s more, it also reveals just how important he desires to find someone with whom he’ll have a natural connection and will appreciate him for who he’s rather than trying to force him to fit into some other model of teenage queasiness.


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