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Lisa Kudrow Recalls Run-In Where Jerry Seinfeld Told Her ‘You’re Welcome’ for ‘Friends’ ‘ Success

When musketeers was on its way to getting one of the biggest shows on the earth, fellow sitcom star Jerry Seinfeld did not miss an occasion to tell Lisa Kudrow he’d a hand in the show’s success.

According to Kudrow, she formerly set up herself at the same event with the Seinfeld star, who teased Kudrow about how his show was boosting musketeers’ profile.
” I flash back going to some party and Jerry Seinfeld was there, and I said,’ Hi,’ and he said,’ You are welcome,’ the actress told The Daily Beast.” I said,’ Why, thank you what?'”

According to Kudrow, Seinfeld also told her,” You are on after us in the summer, and you are welcome.”
As it happed, in musketeers’ first season on air it followed the Helen Hunt/ Paul Reiser sitcom frenetic About You. But the series really” exploded,” according to Kudrow, during the summer of 1995 after NBC placed the show’s season 1 repeats afterre-airings of Seinfeld, which was a certified megahit in its sixth season. Back at the party in the’90s, Kudrow courteously replied to Seinfeld,” That is exactly right. Thank you.”

And indeed as she takes stock moment, the 59- time-old actress still acknowledges Seinfeld, 68, had a point.
” Not to take anything down from the jotting on musketeers, or the cast, or how good musketeers really was,” she said,” but the first season our conditions were just fine.” That said, musketeers’ pop culture life is all thanks to the show, which is still chancing new suckers nearly 30 times after its premiere.

On a recent occasion of Late Night with Seth Meyers, the Kudrow participated that her 24- time-old son, Julian Murray Stern, eventually got around to watching a many occurrences of musketeers while he was sick with COVID.
Kudrow called the moment” the most thrilling thing” as she recalled their discussion to Meyers, 48.

” He called me up and said,’ So I just watched the first two occurrences. It’s really good, mama,'” she reported.” I said,’ Thanks.’ He said,’ Can I ask you some questions about that?’ I am like,’ Yes!’ I nearly started crying. I did not suppose that anyone in my family liked that show.”
” He was 5 when we were finished. but he did start watching when his musketeers at academy started watching,” she continued.” He watched it and he was impressed.”


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