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Liam Neeson defenders throat-punch accusations that he’s not a good actor

Theres an entire generation of film fans out there who know Liam Neeson best from his lenghty stint as cinemas foremost grizzled badass with a penchant for leather jackets and throat punching.

Thats completely understandable when running and gunning has been his bread and butter for the better part of 15 years since Taken first launched his unexpected second wind as an action hero but its also led to accusations that he has not a very good actor simply because he keeps doing the same shtick over and over again in what often feels like perpetuity.While there has been an element of phoning it in across his most recent spate of B tier thriller performances Neeson defenders on Reddit absolutely would not stand for the slander being pointed in the direction of the veteran Irishman.

It would admittedly be nice to see him stretch those muscles a lot more often than he has been doing over the last decade and change with roles outside of his action wheelhouse becoming fewer and farther between but that time will no doubt come again. After all he has 70 years old now so there can not be too much left in the tank when it comes to stunts and fight sequences.Patty Jenkins Wonder Woman remains the best reviewed movie in the history of the DCEU thanks to an impressive 93 percent Rotten Tomatoes score and it still ranks as the franchises third highest grossing installment to date after hauling in $822 million at the box office putting it behind only the highest grossing DC Comics adaptation ever and clash of the titans Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice.

Naturally expectations were through the roof for the sequel but Wonder Woman 1984 turned out to be one of the most disappointing superhero spectaculars to come along in a long while. The pandemic and simultaneous HBO Max release was a huge factor but Gal Gadots second solo outing unwantingly achieved the opposite of its predecessor with ticket sales of $169 million putting it less than a million dollars ahead of The Suicide Squad at the bottom of the DCEUs commercial pile.Academy Award BAFTA two time Tony and three time Golden Globe nominee Liam Neeson is a hugely talented thespian having proven his dramatic chops countless times over before he segued into the wizened old sage role in blockbusters like The Phantom Menace and Batman Begins which ultimately led to his sojourn into kicking voluminous amounts of ass.


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