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John Mayer’s Discreet CSI Appearance A Lot Of Fans Likely Missed

In the world of music, John Mayer is quite the familiar name for numerous suckers. The tunesmith and guitarist made his proper plant reader debut in 2000 with the release of” Room For Places.” Since that release, Mayer pelted into a musical career that has gauged at a couple of decades and counting. Along the way, the artist earned several Grammys and constantly contended up the Billboard maps with numerous a song. But some of Mayer’s most deep suckers might not know that the musician also has noteworthy bijous and appearances in television and film.

Read further https//www.looper.com/962415/john-mayers-discreet-csi-appearance-a-lot-of-fans-likely-missed/?utm_campaign=clipMayer had famously appeared as himself in a memorable scene from” Chappelle’s Show” and could also be seen in the Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart comedy” Get Hard.” And in 2022, the artist added yet another film credit, playing a fictionalized interpretation of himself in the opening moments of the dark comedy” revenge.” It’s presumably safe to assume that Mayer prefers uproarious scenes, but that does not mean he hasn’t ever ventured into the horrible world of procedural crime dramatizations. In 2006, Mayer had a discreet appearance on” CSI” that a lot of suckers might have originally missed.
Read Further https//www.looper.com/962415/john-mayers-discreet-csi-appearance-a-lot-of-fans-likely-missed/?utm_campaign=clipSeason 7’s” erected to Kill Part 1″ is the type of Vegas- centric suspenser occasion only CSI could deliver. For illustration, one of the occasion’s cases involves a flower delivery woman ever crushed to death during a Cirque du Soleil performance. Actually, it’s the usual vision of Sin City seen through the crooked imagination of CSI. And we would originally suppose that with such a direct link to the entertainment business in the occasion, the case ever involves Mayer as maybe a suspect or a substantiation who happed to be at the wrong place at the right time. None of that occurs for the artist, as he only appears as himself playing in a Vegas bar where CSI members Catherine Willows( Marg Helgenberger) and Nick Stokes( George Eads) be to be blowing off some brume.

Read further https//www.looper.com/962415/john-mayers-discreet-csi-appearance-a-lot-of-fans-likely-missed/?utm_campaign=clipThe two characters partake a cotillion while Mayer plays” staying on the World to Change.” Mayer also follows up that song with a deep- cut performance of” Slow Dancing in a Burning Room.” Both tracks appear on Mayer’s third reader,” Continuum,” which was released the same month and time” erected to Kill” vented. That timing might explain Mayer’s discreet appearance. As some suckers on YouTube disregarded, the scene served as an excellent preface for” CSI” suckers to Mayer’s music.
With” CSI” as a conditions drive for CBS during the early aughts, having your music played in the show was a clever use of some entertainmentcross-promotion. Also, let’s factor in that” erected to Kill” was the Season 7 premiere occasion, which was guaranteed to have numerous suckers watching. We are formerly starting to see where some of the deals of” Continuum” might have come from.

Read further https//www.looper.com/962415/john-mayers-discreet-csi-appearance-a-lot-of-fans-likely-missed/?utm_campaign=clipMayer is just one of multitudinous musical artists that have made an appearance on” CSI.” Given the circumstance, music impersonators constantly venturing over to the show looked like some ritual of passage. In the former” CSI” season before Mayer’s appearance, the show featured multiple artists in the occasion” Poppin’ Tags.” Actually, the title is presumably a dead giveaway that the occasion centers on the pop culture bubble of hipsterism- hop. Still, the list of guests is enough surprising. Per CSI Fandom, Akon and Obie Trice appeared as themselves, but Blink- 182 drummer Travis Barker and rapper Method Man got to play fictional characters on the show. Barker played a rapper named Hi Def, while Method Man got to play the recreating character Drops.
Read Further https//www.looper.com/962415/john-mayers-discreet-csi-appearance-a-lot-of-fans-likely-missed/?utm_campaign=clipSpeaking of artists that appeared in” CSI” multiple occurrences, maybe one of the series’ most significant guest stars in that regard is Justin Bieber. Bieber appeared as a teen killer named Jason McCann during Season 11. In a” CSI” scene that might have progressed inadequately in retrospection, his character meets a violent and bloody end during a shoot- eschewal with police. numerous pop artists might not have gone that route for a guest spot, but to his credit, at the time, Bieber sounded impressed with his character’s ending and the whole product process, which involved a lot of fake blood, per The Hamilton Spectator.

Read further https//www.looper.com/962415/john-mayers-discreet-csi-appearance-a-lot-of-fans-likely-missed/?utm_campaign=clip


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