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Is Ghostbusters: The Video Game still canon?

With the release of Ghostbusters: Afterlife on the legacy established in the 1984 original but made good on Dan Aykroyds roughly 30 year old promise of a new theatrical installment.While the casual going public likely thinks of Ghostbusters merely as a film series its a franchise that has told countless stories through other mediums including the widely popular 1980s animated series a rather extreme follow up various comic books and todays topic the 2009 Atari published Ghostbusters The Video Game.

The game was a pretty monumental moment for the franchise as not only was Aykroyd hyping it as essentially the third movie but it was the first time the four lead actors had worked on the same project in nearly 20 years and with Ramis untimely passing in 2014 would become the foursomes swan song.With this in mind its easy to understand why some were disappointed when watching Afterlife as the writing team, comprised of Jason Reitman and Gil Kenan may have seemingly removed the video game from canon. After all many things established in the digital adventure from upgraded Protons Packs the character of The Rookie franchising of the Ghostbusters brand and an epic battle with Ivo Shandor are never referenced.

As fans continue to debate on what is or is not canon friends of the site Channeling Spirits just posted a brand new video investigating the issues when connecting Afterlife to the video game.In 2009 Ghostbusters The Video Game reunited the original four Ghostbusters and created a canonical third story which continued their legacy. Then in 2021 a third film Ghostbusters Afterlife debuted leaving questions as to whether the video game can still be considered canon. Join as we investigate supporting evidence and issues for the canon of Ghostbusters The Video Game.Keeping with Channeling Spirits always well thought out mini video documentaries check out their last video that looked at the events between Ghostbusters II and Ghostbusters The Video Game.


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