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Iron Man vs Captain Marvel Revealed a Huge Weakness in Carol’s Best Power

Marvel Comics’ crossover event Civil War II brought together two of Earth’s greatest superheroes, Iron Man and Captain Marvel on a personal collision course. But as the pair clashed, the fierce battle between Avengers leaders reveals a startling weakness for Carol.

In the midst of rising tensions, a powerful Inhuman precog known as Ulysses Cain is publically revealed with the ability to perceive potential future threats to mankind, which quickly attract the attention of The Avengers and their allies. While Captain Marvel is quite receptive to Ulyssses’ abilities, Iron Man is reluctant to place his faith into that of a marginalized Inhuman. In a similar fashion to the superhuman registration act, Tony and Carol’s personal squabble utterly divides Earth’s superhero community into two separate factions. However, Tony just may have an ace in the hole to take down his cosmic rival without having to remove her from the equation completely.

As battle lines are drawn, Captain Marvel and Iron Man find themselves clashing over the fate of Ulysses, with each hero leading their own superpowered supporters. Fighting alongside Carol are The Ultimates, Guardians of the Galaxy, Extraordinary X-Men, Alpha Flight, and the Inhumans, while Tony finds himself allied with the All-New All-Different Avengers, All-New X-Men, and former Avengers Captain America (Steve Rogers), Doctor Strange, Ironheart, Luke Cage, and Kate Bishop. As one of Marvel’s most powerful superheroes in existence, Captain Marvel possesses the ability to absorb any degree of energy and redirect it right back at her opponents.

Civil War II Tony Carol Battle
In an attempt to prevent Iron Man from fulfilling his goals, Captain Marvel prepares to unleash the full extent of her energy abilities. Unfortunately, Tony completely foresees Carol’s maneuver and provides himself a technological safeguard for this very contingency. Tony in effect takes Carol’s greatest power and distorts the blessing into becoming her greatest weakness. With Captain Marvel temporarily immobilized, Iron Man and his forces begin to retake the advantage in hopes of a virtuous future.

iron man vs captain marvel winner
Iron Man and Captain Marvel’s Civil War II battle represents yet another key milestone in Tony’s impressive superhero career but it is far from the first instance that Stark has used his technological skills and mass intellect to produce an advanced device capable of outmaneuvering stronger opponents. Iron Man’s Captain Marvel deterrent fits right in with the likes of the Hulkbuster armor, the Anti Magneto suit, and even his customary Godbuster armor.

This midway battle may have only provided Iron Man with a temporary win for his forces in the long run, but Stark’s brief takedown of cosmic powerhouse Captain Marvel will surely be remembered for decades to come.


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