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Ian Somerhalder’s Take on Possible ‘The Vampire Diaries’ Reunion (Exclusive)

Ian Somerhalder is living the good life with woman
Nikki Reed and their 5- time-old son Bodhi.

“ Extra ” caught up with Ian as he got the word out about sand remittal through the Shiseido Blue Project.
Along with explaining how he’s helping the terrain, Somerhalder participated his studies on the possibility of a “ The Vampire journals ” reunion.

What would the characters played by himself and Paul Wesley be over to now?

Ian answered, “ Paul and I joke about this all the time. We ’re old men. perhaps Stefan and Damon walk over with a club. They ’re old and argentine. ”

Somerhalder also praised the “ Vampire journals ” spin- off “ patrimonies, ” saying, “ They did a really kick- burro job with that show, and everyone kept asking me if I would be on the show. I would go direct, that character for me you know, the boys are dead they ’re in the eternal life together. ”

Ian loves the kidney so much that he also did another shark show called “ V Wars ” after “ The Vampire journals. ” pertaining to his whiskey brankd, he participated, “ Unfortunately, for numerous different reasons, that show did n’t continue, which allowed me to make Sisters Bond, and that’s the gift that I was given by not continuing ‘ V Wars. ’”

Ian is n’t giving up stopgap on a “ V Wars ” reboot, however! He explained, “ Now the great thing is, coming out of this, I’m veritably much looking forward to rebooting this show by virtue of the fact that it’s so socially applicable. ”

Representing the COVID- 19 epidemic, Ian noted that the show was about “ a contagion that ripped across the world ” and
“ disunited people. ”
Though Somerhalder felt that his “ Vampire journals ” character was “ a selfish, masochistic killer, ” he felt that it gave him a “ crazy cerebral study on character. ” He added, “ I ’m agitated to take some of this knowledge I learned from ‘ The Vampire journals ’ and be suitable to fit it into a character who’s the good joe. In ‘ V Wars, ’Dr. Swan was this amazing youthful interpretation of an epidemiologist who held the keys to everything and was principally displaced, so it’s really important. I ’m looking to just sort of see what we can do, but it’s hopefully going to be in the workshop.

Ian is each about doing good for the terrain, too! Ian noted, “ Happy, healthy people make happy, healthy societies. ”
Before this week, Somerhalder took part in a sand remittal at theU.S. Open of Surfing in Huntington Beach, hosting the Shiseido Blue Project in cooperation with World Surf League Pure and Wildcoast.

Ian and Nikki’s son Bodhi may be youthful, but she’s formerly well apprehensive of the natural word around her. He explained, “ She has a deep connection and understanding of how nature works within that ocean and why it’s so important to us. ”
He added, “ This is a child who’s seen the Great hedge Reef, who’s seen the Caribbean, who’s been in the Pacific on a raft and being suitable to compare them with the effects she saw in ‘ Moana. ’ That’s how you make a community, nations, and generations of people. ”


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