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How John Wick Saved the Modern Action Flick

In an industry dominated by superheroes movies ranging from Avengers: Endgame to Venom, The Batman, Aquaman and so many more, the good old-fashioned action movie has struggled to survive. While yeah, for the most part, comic-book movies are all very action-heavy, there’s a significant difference between heroes in capes and cowls and more straightforward action movies about human beings without the super-powered or supernatural.

Traditional action flicks have been struggling for a while now. They had a decent run in the 2000s, with the likes of the Bourne trilogy, Daniel Craig’s early outings as James Bond, and more. But as the film industry transitioned into the 2010s, and the Marvel Cinematic Universe began its domination, plain and simple action movies really hit a rough patch, both creatively and at the box office. While films like The Expendables and 2008’s Taken were able to find an audience, even those franchises quickly devolved into uninspired and by-the-numbers material with less-than-stellar box office returns.The first half of the 2010s was spent trying to recreate the success of spy-thrillers like the Bourne franchise. The result was a myriad of lackluster films such as Jack Reacher and Olympus Has Fallen. By the time 2014 rolled around, the genre was in desperate need of a revival. Thankfully, John Wick was released that October, and it gave the action movie genre the shot in the arm that it needed.


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