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Here Are All of the ‘Tower of Fantasy’ Characters

Happy Palace of Fantasy release day, gacha guys and ladyloves! If you ’ve been staying to scratch your Genshin Impact itch, but with musketeers to help scratch it with you, also moment is a good day for you, indeed. Tower of Fantasy is an MMORPG with a analogous meter to Genshin, albeit in a more cyberpunk kind of world, and with full character customization. But speaking of characters, what kind of game would this be without a canon of characters, simulacrum and else? These are all verified characters therefore far( with surely further to be added down the road). Taking on the part of a Paimon- type character, Mi- a is your( literally) little companion throughout your adventures in Aida. Away from cuisine, it does n’t feel like she ’ll have numerous practical uses, but occasionally all you really need is a cute little robot to follow you around. Miss Girl seems to veritably much be an “ ice queen ” sort of character in style, combat, and personality. She’s a elderly Factor for Hykros after having performed inconceivable feats in battle, although that’s left her kindly
removed from her peers. Every canon needs an asocial scientist, and that’s Shiro for us. This catgirl- conterminous brainiac ca n’t help but have a potty way about her, since her exploration is the thing that occupies her mind utmost of the time. That said, if you want to get on her good side, her biggest hyperactive- obsession seems to be the ocean( and all ocean- related motifs). In Zero, we’ve ToF ‘s veritably own Bakugo. This 15- time-old has a real smart mouth and is n’t hysterical to let everyone know. He’s arrogant, prideful, and has his eyes on the prize at all times. But there’s surely commodity before all this, as he’s destroyed all records of his particular information, including his real name. I can formerly tell that this joe’s going to be everyone’s Mansplain Manwhore Malewife. He’s got big Diluc energy, and from what I understand of Genshin, Diluc is just that whine.


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