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Halle Berry Posed in Lingerie for Her 56th Birthday

Halle Berry is not only an icon she has a Leo queen. Maybe even the Queen of Leos.

The Oscar winning actor turned 56 over the weekend on Sunday August 14 to be exact and to celebrate the occasion Berry shared a sultry birthday selfie which is a very Leo move. Feeling so much gratitude and love on this birthday WOW Berry wrote in the caption. In the selfie Berry is wearing a sleeveless lacey black top with a plunging neckline and is showing it off for the camera. Her hair which was purple just a week ago is now a chic silver grey color. The post got many comments birthday wishes from fellow celebs like Julianne Moore who wrote Happy birthday and Ava DuVernay who added Blessings on your birthday Queen .

Berrys boyfriend of two years the singer Van Hunt dedicated a post on his own Instagram grid to his iconic girlfriend. hi baby. its ur bday and against ur wishes i am screaming it to the mountaintops and celebrating with the world the wonderful loving funny and life giving force you are. Happy Birthday boo. i love you everything i got he wrote giving a nod to Berrys initials.Along with the sweet caption Hunt shared a slideshow of images of Berry. Berry commented on her BFs post noting her dissatisfaction with one of the images in the slideshow. Thank you my sweetheart she wrote. I love you more than words can express you are my person thats a FACT You are real silly for that freddie prince mustache pic tho .

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