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Every Character Jensen Ackles Played On Supernatural

Jensen Ackles’ Supernatural career isn’t just about Dean Winchester – here’s every character he portrays. Running from 2005 until 2020 and racking up an impressive 327 episodes, Supernatural made stars of Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki. Playing Dean Winchester, Ackles is the hot-headed older brother, constantly trying to prove himself as a hunter, protect the people he loves, and locate the nearest pie-serving diner. Appearing in every single episode (albeit one of those not technically as Dean), the Dallas-born actor provides one half of Supernatural’s diesel-covered engine. It’s impossible to imagine Dean Winchester played by anybody other than Jensen Ackles.

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It’s not so impossible to imagine Jensen Ackles playing someone other than Dean Winchester. Thanks to Supernatural’s spooky mix of monsters, magic and multiverses, Ackles had often stepped beyond his Dean-shaped comfort zone to tackle other characters, whether that be alternate Deans, paranormal beings possessing Dean, or versions of Dean that simply should not be. Only separate characters will count here – i.e. not Dean when he’s temporarily a monster or under the influence of a spell (the Wicked Witch’s control, for example). Characters must also appear onscreen rather than merely being mentioned, so no “Jensen Ackles as Jensen Ackles” from season 6’s “The French Mistake.”

Dean Winchester
Of course… The character Jensen Ackles spends 326 of Supernatural’s 327 episodes portraying. From bursting into his younger brother’s college dorm to reuniting in the afterlife, Ackles embodies Dean Winchester, who gradually evolves from a fresh-faced reckless heartthrob into a grizzled veteran hunter and a surrogate father through Supernatural’s 15 seasons. Despite already finding success away from saving people and hunting things (most notably as Soldier Boy in The Boys), Jensen Ackles will always be synonymous with Supernatural’s Dean Winchester.


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