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Encanto: Isabela’s Power Change Proves Abuela Was Right

In the movie Encanto, Isabela proves that Abuela Alma was right each along about the Madrigals and their powers. Disney’s Encanto is about the Madrigals, a family that’s blessed with amazing powers and capacities from the magical candle that formed their secret Encanto vill. Each family member receives their own unique power that reflects their personality or interests. For illustration, Antonio is blessed with the power to talk to creatures, Luisa possesses super strength, and Isabela is suitable to grow beautiful flowers anywhere shewishes.Along with these powers comes responsibility. Abuela, who’s the keeper of Encanto’s candle that gives the Madrigals their capacities, has high prospects for her family and how they use their powers. She instructs the Madrigals to use their powers to help all of the people from the original vill, icing that her family will always use their powers for good, rather than to harm others. still, throughout the course of Encanto, the members of the family begin to lose their powers as their Casita begins to crack and deteriorate. This leads Mirabel to essay to deliver Casita and save her family by chancing her lost uncle, Bruno, who instructs her to partake an grasp with Isabela. During Mirabel’s battle with Isabela, Isabela creates a cactus, rather of the beautiful flowers she was oriented tomaking.This abnormality occurs when Mirabel is told the verity about Isabela’s love interest in Encanto, Mariano, when Isabela confesses that she noway indeed wanted to marry Mariano in the first place. This shows that the power of the Madrigals is directly related to their internal and emotional countries, attesting that Abuela Alma was correct to be conservative with how the Madrigals used their capacities. Since their capacities are related to their feelings and internal health, there could be dangerous consequences if one of the Madrigals endured a more minatory change than the one Isabeladid.When Isabela creates the cactus, she discovers commodity about herself that she noway knew before, which is that she’s able of growing whatever she feels like at the moment. She does not have to be perfect all of the time and produce beautiful flowers; rather, she can produce a cactus or anything differently that she desires – her plans, like her, can be prickly and amiss. This is an empowering moment in Encanto for Isabela, who enjoys this new discovery about herself. Character growth and change can be a great thing, but it depends on who or what the character changes into.

In Encanto, the Madrigals all witness their own form of stress and wrathfulness. This could have fluently led any one of them to have a malignant change within themselves, which would inescapably beget their powers to change aswell.However, Abuela Alma’s topmost fear would come true, If this change were to take place. rather of furnishing for the townies and taking care of them, Isabela and the other Madrigals could fluently abuse the vill and beget significant damage. These fears can at least incompletely justify Abuela Alma’s strict prospects for her family, as she duly understood how important influence her family had over the safety of Casita and the vill.


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