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Elon Musk’s company helping Ukraine in the war against Russia (and it’s not Tesla or SpaceX)

At the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukrainian territory, several Twitter users requested Elon Musk to help Ukraine with internet access. According to Musk, he freed Starlink in Ukraine and provided internet access to people. Musk destinated 15,000 modems and antennas for Ukrainian people. The Ukrainian government functions through Starlink, the same as the armed forces. They all communicate using Elon Musk’s company.

What is Starlink?
Starlink is high-speed internet provided by a complex satellite network. Musk created Starkink to give internet access to people living in remote zones of the planet. When we say remote zones, you might think of places without electricity or lights. You may be wrong. Even in rich countries, like the United Kingdom, those remote zones exist.

How does Starlink work?
The difference with other systems relies on the speed and satellite connection. Starlink satellites are in space orbit, like regular internet satellites. However, Starlink satellites are closer to the earth, providing faster internet access. According to the BBC, a regular internet provider satellite is almost 1,000 km from Earth, Musk’s satellites are 549 km from Earth. How many satellites does Elon Musk need to provide faster internet access?According to the BBC, Elon Musk has had 3,000 satellites in space since 2018.

How much is Starlink’s internet access?
Starlink is one of the most expensive Internet providers worldwide. A US resident pays $99 for Starlink’s internet. However, there was a previous charge of $549 to connect the platform and the modem to the satellites.


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