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Drake’s Young Money reunion with Lil Wayne and Nicki Minaj was a thrillingly nostalgic act of mythmaking

“ When you ’re at the top, and you always flash back your motherf – ing family — that’s character, ” Nicki Minaj declared after a detail but exhilarating reunion with Drake, Lil Wayne and other members of Young Money Entertainment at the 2022 edition of OVO Fest on Saturday.

Taking place at Budweiser Stage lower than a week after it was suddenly laid over due to COVID- 19 — Drake easily has a preternatural vulnerable system, or maybe a ready force of Paxlovid — the first OVO Fest in two times was a nostalgic trip through the late 2000s and early 2010s, an period when Young Money — a fabulous record marker innovated by Lil Wayne in 2005 — ruled the world of hipsterism hop.
As the sun set on a scorching, sticky summer day, thousands of eager suckers — substantially millennials — jammed into the vended out venue on the edge of Lake Ontario. The show was set to start at 8p.m., but was commonly delayed.

Around 930p.m., agitated by the heat and forced to hear to “ pushin P ” at least three times, the crowd started hurling razzes at the empty stage.
Twenty twinkles latterly, a communication appeared on the venue’s massive defenses, transferring a shock of horror through the followership “ Unfortunately, Lil Wayne had issues at the border. ” Was this a joke or was it true? It did n’t matter, because seconds latterly, there was Lil Wayne, one of the topmost and most influential rappers of all- time, delivering a hyped- up interpretation of the 2011 hit “ Blunt Blowing, ” backdropped by a massive visual of a – you guessed it – blunt.

Wearing a long sleeveless jean jacket, a black T- shirt and a gold OVO chain, the timeless 39- time-old cycled through a series of career- gauging successes, including “Mrs. Officer, ” “ Rich as F – ” and “ pious. ”
“ People at the border, I love you, ” Wayne said near the end of his 30- nanosecond set, before launching into a furious interpretation of the 2009 Young Money track “ Steady Mobbin. ”

To the delight of an elated followership, Wayne closed his set with “ Tha Carter III ” classic “ A Milli, ” pointing the mic to the followership to deliver one of the great lines of all- time “ You pop ‘ em beget we pop ‘ em like Orville Redenbacher. ”
What Weezy offered in royal seductiveness, Nicki Minaj served up in raw star power.

Decked out in a green checkered top and sporting long, neon pink hair, the 39- time-old “ Queen of hipsterism Hop ” arrived shortly after Wayne’s set to a blaring roar from her pious suckers who remained wrapped around her cutlet for the entire 20 twinkles of her far- too-short set.
Minaj also stuck to the successes, her voice occasionally drowned out by suckers screaming the lyrics to songs like “ Beez In The Trap, ” “ Chun- Li ” and “ Hold Yuh( Remix). ” She also brought out Jamaican cotillion hall artist Skillibeng to perform 2021’s “ Crocodile Teeth, ” before closing her set with the smash hit “ Superbass. ”


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