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Diane Keaton says “nobody wanted Al Pacino” in The Godfather

If you ’re reading TheA.V. Club( or have a palpitation), you ’re presumably formerly well apprehensive that The Godfather wasn’t only Al Pacino’s rout part, but was also an all- time defining entry in the film canon. Yet Diane Keaton claims Al Pacino was nearly passed over for the part of Michael Corleone, a notion that has surely opened a gate to a veritably surreal alternate macrocosm in movie history nearly.

“ I auditioned for The Godfather having noway read it and I knew nothing about it, and just was there, I was standing there like every other woman. I did n’t know what the hell I was there for. And they cast me in that part! ” Keaton tells Entertainment Tonight. As for her on- screen hubby, she says, “ nothing wanted Al Pacino. They did n’t want him to play that part, and I had formerly been cast. I had been cast before Al Pacino in Godfather 1! Is this not weird? ” It’s kind of weird to suppose about, but who knows the study processes that go into casting. Keaton continues “ So I was standing there and they brought him up when I was standing there and we worked together in front of( the directors), and they gave him the job. Do you believe that? After he’d auditioned ahead and they did n’t want him. ”
There’s a butterfly effect for you without Keaton and their chemistry, there would supposedly be no Pacino as Michael. Would he have still gone on to have a successful career? Would the movie have made as much of an impact? Would anyone have bothered to make The Offer?( Actually, we ’re still not sure why they bothered in this timeline.) “ What would The Godfather have been without Al Pacino? ” Keaton herself prodigies. “ It’s just one of those weird, unusual effects in life. ” It sure is!


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