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DC’s Stargirl “Frenemies Chapter Two: The Suspects” Photos Released

The CW has released new photos for the second episode of DC’s Stargirl’s third season. The episode, “Frenemies — Chapter Two: The Suspects”, will air on Wednesday, September 7th. The synopsis for the episode has not yet been released, but based on what we know about the upcoming season thus far, there’s quite a bit going on in Blue Valley, Nebraska now that the Justice Society has defeated Eclipso, including the return of the previously believed to be dead Sylvester Pemberton/Starman (Joel McHale) and the return of some of the Injustice Society villains the heroes defeated in Season 1, though now they’re living side by side with the heroes — quite literally so in the case of Sportsmaster and Tigress who are now living next door to the Whitmore-Dugan family.

From the looks of things in the photos, that means we’ll be seeing more interaction between the Crocks and the Dugans with one of the photos revealing Barbara (Amy Smart) doing a little baking with Paula (Joy Osmanski). Season 3 will also see the heroes — and villains — of Blue Valley dealing with a murder mystery that will see them come together to try to solve it. “You know what, I’m just gonna say it,” she told TVLine earlier this year. “Murder mystery! And how evil and good are going to live in a town together and figure out who the murderer is.”


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