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Criminal Minds: Why Lola Glaudini’s Elle Greenaway Left In Season 2

Felonious Minds saw colorful changes in its core platoon throughout its run, and some members left the show too soon, as was the case of Lola Glaudini’s Elle Greenway, who left in season 2. Police crime dramatizations are veritably popular on television, and while there have been a variety of successful shows from this branch, one of the most popular bones
in the last decade is Felonious Minds. Created by Jeff Davis, Criminal Minds premiered on CBS in 2005 and came to an end in 2020 after 15 seasons through which the platoon encountered all types of intimidating cases and culprits, and they also saw numerous of their associates leave at somepoint.Criminal Minds follows a group of felonious profilers who work for the FBI as part of its Behavioral Analysis Unit( BAU), and they use behavioral analysis and profiling to probe crimes and find the unknown subjects( unsubs), with the followership following their examinations as they develop. Of course, Felonious Minds also takes a look at the particular struggles of each platoon member and the dynamics between them, as they all form a strong bond after working together in violent cases. still, as the show progressed, some characters left for different reasons, and some of them left relatively beforehand, as was the case of ElleGreenaway.The original platoon in Felonious Minds comported of Jason Gideon( Mandy Patinkin), Aaron Hotchner( Thomas Gibson), Elle Greenaway, Derek Morgan( Shemar Moore), Spencer Reid( Matthew Gray Gubler), Jennifer Jareau(A.J. Cook), and Penelope Garcia( Kristen Vangsness), of which only Reid, JJ, and Penelope stayed until the final season. The first one to go was Ellen Greenaway, a Supervisory Special Agent with the BAU whose specialty was sexual offense crimes. Greenaway left Felonious Minds in its alternate season, and it’s all because Glaudini demanded a change of decor after working in LosAngeles.Speaking to LA Times in 2006, Felonious Minds pen and patron Ed Bernero participated that Glaudini was leaving the show to return to the East Coast as she was unhappy living in Los Angeles – still, this has n’t been verified by Glaudini, who has n’t revealed her reasons to leave the show. Felonious Minds gave proper check to Elle Greenaway, however there were some tough events that led to her departure. Greenaway was shot by an unsub who broke into her home, and while she made a full physical recovery, she was left with PTSD. Greenaway returned to work despite Hotch and Reid expressing their enterprises that she had returned too beforehand, but she was touched off by a case involving a periodical robber, and she ended up killing the suspect. After missing a cerebral evaluation, she returned to the BAU only to hand in her emblem and gun and officially abdicate. Greenaway was replaced by Emily Prentiss( Paget Brewster), who went on to come a addict-favorite character.

Elle Greenaway’s time in Felonious Minds was short, and unfortunately, she is n’t flashed back fondly, and she’s considered among the most disliked main characters in the show’s history. As for Lola Glaudini, after leaving Felonious Minds, she appeared in the pictures Drive- Thru, That Awkward Moment, and She’s in Portland, as well as in the television shows Persons Unknown, The Breadth, and Ray Donovan. It’s doubtful that Lola Glaudini will open up about her reasons to leave Felonious Minds now that further than a decade has passed, and eventually, Elle Greenaway’s departure made way for the appearance of one of the show’s most memorable characters.


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