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Controversial food and drink ban at Tom Jones concert divides fans

Worcester News readers have shared their thoughts on the ban on taking food and drink into Pitchcroft for Tom Jones performance on Saturday August 13.

Ticket holders were not permitted to take food or drinks into the venue although it was later clarified that each person was allowed one sealed 500ml bottle of water. Organisers said that there would be cups available to refill with water for free.This decision by organisers proved controversial among attendees and people shared their thoughts on the Worcester News Facebook page. Rob Meese said a captive audience once you are in thats it.Its a rip off Britain. The only way to put it right and thats not to go. Once the audiences dwindle then all promotors and venues may change the rules.

Emma Smith said It was the same at the cricket club last week for Chris Moyles 90s hangover you were not allowed your own food but could take your own reusable drinks bottle.But the food stores were expensive and in the end the bars were running so slowly that people were standing in queues for ages.Ian Hodges said There is no other reason for a blanket ban on food and drink other than to rip off the audience.Ken Harris said It was a great concert but one has to question the over priced food and drink and the hopelessly long walk from the racecourse entry to the entry into the concert arena.However others were quick to defend organisers arguing that festivals and concerts rarely allow people to take their own refreshments in.


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