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Cobra Kai Teases A Surprising Dojo Traitor In Season 5

Ahead of season 5’s release, Cobra Kai has revealed a surprising Eagle Fang traitor. In The Karate Kid sequel series, loyalties change from season to season. Very few characters are still with the same dojo they started with in Cobra Kai.

The events that played out in the Cobra Kai season 4 finale shook things up in a big way by having Miyagi-do and Eagle Fang fall in the All Valley Karate Tournament. As a result, Robby has seemingly left Cobra Kai, Kreese has been ousted from his position, and Miguel has run off to Mexico. And as Terry Silver promised, new Cobra Kai dojos are set to open in the wake of Daniel and Johnny’s loss, which is guaranteed to make them even stronger than ever. Allied with Chozen, Daniel and presumably Johnny will be looking for a way to keep competing with Cobra Kai and hopefully stop their influence over the Valley from growing any further.

Apparently, keeping the students they already have is an added challenge posed by Terry Silver’s dojo in the episodes to come. One of the official Cobra Kai season 5 images confirms that Devon will join Cobra Kai. Devon betraying Eagle Fang Karate for Cobra Kai is a surprising reveal, especially since she was considered to be an important (and much-needed) addition to Eagle Fang’s ranks. Through most of season 4, Johnny’s dojo was at an obvious disadvantage. Whereas Miyagi-do and Cobra Kai each had at least two contenders for the championship, Johnny only had Miguel to rely on. Bringing in Devon, who is clearly a prodigy at martial arts, strengthened the Eagle Fang dojo. Granted, she wasn’t around long enough to make an impact in season 4, but it was assumed that she could be a major part of the show’s Eagle Fang story in season 5.

Why Devon Would Join Cobra Kai In Season 5
Devon trains with Tory in Cobra Kai season 5
While Cobra Kai scooping up Eagle Fang’s only female fighter was an unexpected move, Devon’s choice does make sense. Why she left remains open to speculation for now, but it’s likely that her reasons relate to the fact that she only recently joined Johnny’s dojo. She hasn’t been around long enough to form any meaningful friendships with any of her fellow students, which is why it may not have been difficult for Silver to steal her away. After all, Silver’s financial resources mean that all of his dojos will be better funded than both Miyagi-do and Eagle Fang.

Devon leaving also speaks to the appeal of Cobra Kai and the problem it poses for Johnny, Daniel, and Chozen. If they can’t stop even their own students from joining Cobra Kai, they’re sure to have an even tougher time staying in competition with Terry Silver. Not only that, but the loss of Devon is a worrisome sign for Eagle Fang, which can’t really afford to lose any students, particularly one who’s one of its best fighters.


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