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Billie Eilish Decided To Rate Her Fashion Over The Years, And Her Thoughts Range From ‘No Regrets’ To ‘Embarrassing’

One especially delightful part about growing up is playing with how you present yourself to the world, whether that be through one’s hair, apparel and other forms of expression. As suckers have watched Billie Eilish grow up in front of the limelight, we ’ve witnessed the No Time To Die songster’s elaboration as a fashion-forward artist. Ahead of Eilish heading to the Asia leg of her Happier Than Ever world stint, the youthful icon took a trip down memory lane to rate her bold aesthetics over time.

Off the heels of releasing two new songs( one representing both RoeV. Wade and the Depp/ Heard drama), Billie Eilish took to her Instagram stories to go through former posts she participated with her followers throughout her career.( A aggregate of 14). We ’re going to start with some of Billie’s pets and precipitously get to the aesthetics she wasn’t as fond of. First out, suckers will flash back this bone
. During 2018’s Camp Flog Gnaw jubilee went more saggy than usual with this look. In the print, a 16- time-old Billie Eilish rocked blue hair and a XL blue button up shirt, matching films and a ton of tableware jewelry. She’s hanging out with fellow artists Tierra Whack and SZA. Eilish has entered flack over the times for her fashion, but she always just does her own thing and with that pushes boundaries. Then’s another Eilish look the songster is still really happy with This bone
was featured in Billie Eilish’s 2020 music videotape for “ thus I Am, ” which was the alternate single for her now-cherished reader Happier Than Ever. In the videotape, which she directed herself, Eilish runs around an empty boardwalk and heists pretzels and similar while singing lyrics like “ I ’m not your friend ” with some station. Then’s another one Eilish liked, but had one note for her once tone This bone
was taken nearly a time before the former one, but in both cases Billie Eilish was in her black hair and green roots moment. Billie easily loves a matching set and this bone
includes a muted flowery print and some killer lurkers. She wore this when she entered an award for Hitmaker of the Time by Variety she just does n’t get why her shoes were on the settee. In another look from 2019, but beforehand in the time, Eilish participated this


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