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Batwoman Season 4 In Jeopardy as Show Writers Campaign for Renewal

The Arrowverse has had its fair share of ups and downs over the years, but 2022 appears to be the most unique yet. In the past, shows such as Batwoman and The Flash have received early renewals prior to their respective season finales, but the situation became complicated this year due to The CW being put on sale by WarnerMedia and Paramount. Batwoman recently finished its third season run on The CW, but the show’s Season 4 status hangs in the balance due to the current behind-the-scenes development. To make matters complicated, the Javicia Leslie-led series ended on a massive cliffhanger, thus leading fans to question if this plot point will be resolved. Now, it looks like Batwoman’s writers are all in for a potential fourth season, as evidenced by a recent social media post.

Is Batwoman Season 4 Happening?
The official Twitter account of Batwoman’s writers’ room posted a new promotional image to spearhead a campaign for the show’s Season 4 renewal on The CW. Celebrate the arrival of Batwoman’s 3rd season on HBO Max. Stream season 3, and share your appreciation, favorite scenes, memories, and why Batwoman should be renewed. Include RENEW BATWOMAN in your posts.” So far, only The Flash and Superman & Lois have received early renewals from The CW. Batwoman, Stargirl, and Legends of Tomorrow are currently on the bubble. While this latest social media campaign could signal a desperate move for Batwoman’s writers, many would agree that this could be the team’s way of promoting the show while still keeping their hopes up for a possible renewal this year.

At the latest, The CW could reveal Batwoman’s status (alongside other Arrowverse shows) on May 19, as the network will have its Upfront presentation on that day. The fact that early reports indicate that Batwoman is part of the bubble could hint that it will not be renewed, but the show’s place in the Arrowverse could offer everyone (including the cast and crew) a glimmer of hope as it approaches its stretch run. After a controversy-filled Season 2, due to Ruby Rose’s exit as Kate Kane, Batwoman’s third season improved its storyline by telling a unique story involving new versions of Batman’s rogue’s gallery. At the end of the season, a new villain is being teased, but his identity is still being kept under wraps.

If the show is not renewed, then it’s possible that this storyline will be resolved in two ways. One likely possibility is the storyline being resolved in a potential crossover event with other Arrowverse series, such as Superman & Lois or The Flash. Another scenario that the show could utilize is finishing the story through the comics. DC Comics has already launched an in-canon comic starring Javicia Leslie’s Ryan Wilder entitled Earth-Prime: Batwoman and this could be used as a way to wrap up existing storylines for the show.


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