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Among Us Team Teases Next Update, Coming Soon

If you’re looking for an exhilarating multiplayer experience, you can’t go past Among Us – the game where an imposter must eliminate players one by one and flee from the scene of the crime before being caught. The talented team at Innersloth is always looking to improve the experience, and with this in mind, it’s now teased plans for its next update. There’ll be “general updates and improvements” that didn’t make the most recent update. Automatic game error reporting. This is more of a backend fix that you won’t see, but it’s cool enough to note! Essentially we’re implementing a system that alerts us if certain platforms or devices are experiencing weird crashes or other errors, which helps us pinpoint bugs to fix more easily. One step closer to getting an in-game bug reporting feature, wooOOOoOOo. The ability to change the map in the lobby settings without having to leave and start a new game.


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