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All the Signs ‘Outlander’ Season 7 Might Be Split Into 2 Parts

Outlander Season 7 is getting closer and closer and we already know that it will be the biggest season yet. After a truncated season 6 featuring just eight episodes season 7 will be mega sized and cover more than one of Diana Gabaldons books. However its possible that season 7 is so big that it would not air uninterrupted. Heres all the signs that Outlander Season 7 might be split into two parts.

The original plan for Outlander Season 6 was 12 episodes. But the pandemic delayed the start of filming nearly an entire year. And then not long after filming finally began star Caitriona Balfe Claire Fraser discovered she was pregnant.At that point it was the spring of 2021 and fans were already one year into Droughtlander. So executive producers decided to stop season 6 production after episode eight and move the final four planned episodes of season 6 to the beginning of season 7. That way season 6 could get on the air as fast as possible and Balfe could take the time off that she needed to give birth to her first child a healthy baby boy she shares with husband Tony McGill.

All of the signs that season 7 could be split into two parts

Season 7 of Outlander will feature a total of 16 episodes and the story will pick up where season 6 left off with Claire in prison wrongfully accused of the murder of Malva Christie Jessica Reynolds. As the Revolutionary War looms Claire is fighting for her life after being accused of witchcraft and Jamie Heughan is racing to find her before she is hanged for the alleged crime. These are the events of the end of Gabaldons sixth book A Breath of Snow and Ashes and this storyline will likely wrap up by episode 4. But then its time to move on to the events of book 7 An Echo in the Bone.


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