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Alicia Keys unveils ‘KEYS II’ deluxe album

Alicia Keys has released a luxe edition of her rearmost reader ‘ KEYS ’.

The expanded edition of the LP features two new collaborations Trillions with Brent Faiyaz and the Lucky Daye- featuring Stay.
It also includes a Black Coffee Remix and Kaskade Radio Mix of the star’s 2016 track In Common, both of which firstly appeared on the Japanese interpretation of her sixth reader ‘ Then ’.

Alicia’s rearmost record comes in two halves part one, dubbed ‘ Originals ’, is a collection of piano- grounded tracks, while the ‘ Unlocked ’ member features further experimental reworkings of the music.
Of the conception, she preliminarily explained “ It’s two compendiums , the original is broken down, keys blues, jazz songs and also the other side, my family( Mike Will) made it and I tried the originals for the ‘ Unlocked ’ interpretation and has a whole different perspective and creates a whole otherenergy.v “ It’s kind of like a Sunday and a Saturday, I feel like people really love the piano side of me. I can noway express myself in one style. The other side of it allows me to go a little crazy. ”


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