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Alice Cooper: my stories of Lemmy, Raquel Welch, Pink Floyd and more

Alice Cooper got drunk with Jim Morrison, auditioned for Frank Zappa, made a movie with Mae West and refocused a loaded gun at Elvis Presley. These are his storiesAlice Cooper has for a long time moved in elevated show business circles. The fabulous stager shock- rocker has noway been one to circumscribe himself to the closeted company of musicians. Indeed, one of the highlights of Alice’s career was when he was instated into The Friars Club of Los Angeles.

“ It’s an exclusive society that’s reserved for jesters and people who work in mainstream entertainment. You have to be tagged into it, ” Alice tells Classic Rock. “ I was the only gemstone ’n’ roll joe in the Friars Club. But I was completely accepted by them because they saw me as a antique character, this vaudevillian kind of joe. ”
From Ronnie to Raquel, from Mae to Marc, then’s a unqualified selection of remembrances about the characterful personalities Alice Cooper has encountered over theyears.When I first met him back in the 70s I liked him incontinently. He was a tough motorcycle type. If he ’d been born in America he would ’ve come from Detroit. Back also Detroit was the murder capital of the United States; there was no similar thing as a nice neighbourhood. It was really rough. But it’s where I started to make a name for myself. Lemmy would ’ve fit right inthere.Lemmy felt comfortable being around us. There was all this civic legend girding Alice Cooper, but Lemmy saw right past that. Me and the guys in the group were much further jingoist than dove. We further of a gang than a band. Lemmy kind of got that. And we were hard rockers, y’ know? Our lineage was The Yardbirds and The Who. That was where we came from. Throw in a bit of West Side Story and Clockwork Orange and you ’ve got AliceCooper.People talk about my relationship with Raquel as being a swain- gal thing, but it was noway perfected. What people forget is that Raquel was n’t just a movie actress, she was a stage pantomime. She was like Ann- Margret – she could sing, dance, tell jokes. She was the full package. And of course she was beautiful. She was the Angelina Jolie of her time.

When I first met Raquel it was back when it was veritably trendy for movie stars to go out with gemstone stars. I was veritably congratulated that she was indeed interested in me. But the problem was I ’d just fallen in love with Sheryl( Goddard, a cotillion in the Alice Cooper show, who would ultimately come Mrs Cooper.) Sheryl was this little 90- pound ballerina. She was n’t a battleship like Raquel. But I was completely smitten. When you ’re in love, you ’ve in love. The further I tried to move down from Raquel, the further she pursued me. nothing ever said no to Raquel, but I just was n’t interested. I was in love with this other girl.
Of course, any other time I would ’ve been each over her. Are you kidding?! Raquel was the topmost coitus- symbol stunner on the earth. But I was in love. And that made Raquel a little bit crazy, to the point where she came hung up. People used to say to me “ You had Raquel Welch locked in a bedroom and you did n’t do anything? ” And I ’d go “ Nope. ” It was just one of those crazy effects.


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