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5 Weird Things Former ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Star Jax Taylor Is Currently Selling On Instagram

Jax Taylor is determined to avoid getting an factual job, indeed if it means dealing his things to nonnatives on the Internet.

before this time, the fired former Vanderpump Rules star decided to follow in his woman
Brittany Cartwright ‘s beat- to- hell- Gucci- lurker vestiges and discharge some unwanted particulars on Instagram.Shop_jaxs_closet began as a inadequately- managed compendium of misspelled particulars and a memoir claiming it was “ Not run by Jax, ” despite Jax attesting on his vindicated account that all of the particulars had been vended and he the person running Jax’s Closet would be closing up shop. Fortunately for those of us who find joy in watching Jax do whatever it takes- – besides getting an factual job- – to keep up his life and( hopefully) take care of that$1.2 million in overdue levies he owes, Jax’s Closet is back in business.
According to the formerly “ Not run by Jax ” runner, a portion of proceeds from Jax’s Closet will go to “ help the families in Kentucky that have been affected by the flooding. ” The charity( or people) that the donation will go to is unknown, as is the “ portion ” that will be bestowed. Because we do n’t know for certain if Jax made good on his donation pledges, we ’ll chorus from snarking on the matter and deflect any and all Jax dabs at the current contents of Jax’s Closet. After all, it’s what the people( and the IRS) earn. Then are 5 weird effects Jax is presently dealing on Instagram One regard at Jax’s Instagram will tell you that he’s as obsessed with hockey as he’s with posting nonage prints of his “ glory days ” playing goalie for arbitrary youth brigades. What Jax’s suckers may not know, still, is that he’s also a major Bill Murray fangirl and he has multiple pieces of Murray cairn to prove it. The table pictured over is for an “ extremely rare inked piece by Bill Murray ” from the movie Caddy Shack. The framed print features a list of rules –- similar as no fighting, spitting, drinking or bare bases – none of which Jax has ever followed.


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