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5 reasons why Call of Duty: Mobile is better than BGMI

Battlegrounds Mobile India( BGMI) and Call of Duty Mobile are some of the most popular mobile multiplayer games in India. still, the Indian government lately banned BGMI due to enterprises regarding data security and sequestration. As a result, BGMI is no longer available on Google Play Store and App Store. numerous players are now looking to try out other battle royale shooters like Call of Duty Mobile. COD Mobile launched back in 2019 and came popular enough snappily. The game brings hand Call of Duty experience to mobile and it may indeed be better than BGMI in numerousways.Call of Duty Mobile has much further presto- paced and fluid movement compared to BGMI. You can sprint and slide to snappily rotate around charts as well as secure different positions during gunfights in COD Mobile. similar fast- paced movement makes the game feel hastily and more action- packed. Besides these, the gunplay of Call of Duty Mobile feels more satisfying compared to BGMI. Firing has always felt a bit cumbrous in BGMI, which is n’t really the case in Call of Duty Mobile. Firing adversaries in COD Mobile is so great that it puts you in the heat of thebattle.COD Mobile rewards you for scoring points with Scorestreaks. The game has colorful types of Scorestreaks, with new bones
added every season. These Scorestreaks give you major politic benefits in the game including exposing adversary locales, calling in a nuke, placing a watch turret, and more. Scorestreaks add another subcaste to the game’s combat and makes gunfights indeed more intriguing. Along with these, Call of Duty Mobile features Operator chops that give you special munitions as well as a guard. You can earn Operator chops while playing multiplayer modes just like Scorestreaks and attack adversaries with importantweapons.Call of Duty Mobile has several multiplayer modes besides ranked and unranked battle royale. The game’s core playlist has Frontline, Search and Destroy, Free For All, Hardpoint, Team Deathmatch, Domination, Kill verified, and Gunfight. Besides these, there are other limited- time multiplayer modes like 10v10, Rapid Fire, Ground War, and Dome24/7. COD Mobile keeps getting new limited- time modes at regular intervals.


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