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1000-lb Sisters: Everything Amy Has Said About Having Her Tubes Tied

Now that Amy Slaton-Halterman is a mother, 1000-lb Sisters viewers are curious if the star ever went through with having her tubes tied. The Kentucky native has always wanted to be a mother since marrying her husband, Michael Halterman. Having her tubes tied would be a significant life decision, and viewers want to know everything she has said about it.

Amy found fame after appearing on TLC’s 1000-lb Sisters with her sibling, Tammy Slaton. The two women’s goal was to lose weight to qualify for gastric bypass surgery. Amy committed to changing her life and turned over a new leaf, finally going under the knife at the end of season 1. For three seasons, viewers have watched Amy marry, become pregnant, and have her two sons. While everyone in her family seems to be happy, Amy is juggling a major life decision that could have repercussions.

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Amy first mentioned possibly having her tubes tied during a comment thread on one of her posts back in May. Usually, Amy stays pretty quiet when it comes to responding to 1000-lb Sisters viewers, but after one asked about having a baby girl, Amy couldn’t hold back, writing, “I’m ok, I’m happy with my boys. I’m getting my tube tied.” While Amy didn’t get into details about why she was choosing to have the procedure, viewers speculated it could be because she struggles with high blood pressure and diabetes, which made each pregnancy a challenge.

Having her tubes tied would also help Amy get back on track with her health journey. Amy’s doctors initially warned her about getting pregnant too soon after her gastric bypass, but Amy and her husband ignored the warnings. Amy has yet to share if she has gone through with the surgery, but if she does, the decision would have a big impact on herself and her family. The idea of the procedure did make some viewers sad as they want the couple to try for a little girl.

TLC has yet to announce the return of 1000-lb Sisters, leaving viewers to hope Amy and Tammy will return to the small screen. Amy recently shared that she may not come back to the show because of her new family. She has said that she doesn’t like leaving her sons while taping, due to the risk of missing a major milestone. However, Tammy shared that cameras are already rolling on the new season, noting she will make the show work with or without her sister.


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