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Why the Futurama Finale Is The Perfect Jumping Off Point For the Revival

The cherished sci- fi amped comedy has had a tumultuous TV run. Futurama first premiered on Fox in 1999 and ran for 72 occurrences before being canceled in 2003. The series returned with four direct- television- DVD flicks between 2008 and 2009. The success of these flicks led Comedy Central to revive it for 52 fresh occurrences in 2010. It ran until 2013, when it eventually ended for good. Or so we allowed

The series homestretch, “ Meanwhile, ” saw Fry and Leela live their lives as the macrocosm stood still through a freak accident. While intended to serve as a cap on their relationship and the series as a whole, “ Meanwhile ” also left the door open as a gateway to a implicit reanimation. So, how could Hulu’s reanimation take advantage of that and set up a newstoryline?Close
Then, we ’ll look at how Futurama’s series homestretch could successfully serve as the jumping- off point for the coming reanimation.
What happed in the Futurama Series Finale?
Futurama Meanwhile Finale
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First, let’s recap what happed in the series homestretch, “ Meanwhile. ” After an accident where Leela is nearly killed, Fry decides that he can not live without her and makes plans to propose. Around the same time, the Professor invents a “ time button ” that will shoot the entire macrocosm( minus the person who pushed the button) back in time ten seconds. Of course, Fry steals this button with the intention of using it to keep reliving the moment he proposes to Leela.

At the offer regale, a blend- up makes Fry suppose that Leela is n’t going to show up, and he throws himself off the roof of the eatery. As he falls, he sees Leela coming and pushes the time button to reset himself to the roof. still, since he’s been falling for further than ten seconds, the button won’t return him to the roof. The button can not be pushed doubly in a row, as it takes ten seconds to recharge, so Fry is stuck in an endless circle of falling andresetting.The Professor arrives with the rest of the crew in their “ time sanctum, ” which shields them from the goods of the button. Before they can try anything, the Professor way outside the sanctum just as the button is reset, putatively killing him by rending him across the timelines. Bender figures out a way to buffer Fry’s fall, and the group celebrates their supposed palm. While celebrating, Fry lands on the time button and destroys it, which freezes time throughout the macrocosm, except for him and Leela. Now, as the last two people in actuality, the two live their lives together with a montage covering all of their conditioning as they reach old age.

The Professor reappears to them during a regale at the same eatery times latterly and explains that he wasn’t killed but rather shifted to a resemblant timeline. He offers to repair the button and modify it to take them back to just before he erected it, meaning none of Fry and Leela’s decades alone together will have happed. The two are ok with this and agree to “ go around again ” with each other.


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