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Why Emily Cooper from ‘Emily in Paris’ Is the Worst

It’s time to pop a bottle of Champère because we’re discussing all the reasons why Emily Cooper (played by Lily Collins) from Emily in Paris makes us cringe every time. In a new episode of PureWow’s Youtube series The Worst, creator Matthew does a deep dive into why Emily’s entitled behavior makes her the absolute worst. From sleeping with her best friend’s ex (oh, we didn’t forget that) to not picking up a textbook and learning the French language, we can’t help but shake our heads at Emily’s careless actions.

Though Emily can be annoying at times, Matthew acknowledges that she’s not completely horrible. While her behavior may be questionable, Emily doesn’t have any ill intentions. “Emily means well, but she only tends to look out for herself and her best interests,” he says. “And therefore, that makes Emily Cooper the worst.” If you haven’t watched the show yet, Emily in Paris follows Chicago native Emily (Collins) who moves to Paris, France, to start her new marketing job. The first season premiered on Netflix in October 2020 and instantly became a huge success. The streaming series has been renewed for a third season and will most likely debut sometime in late 2022 or 2023.

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