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Who is better actor: Robert DeNiro or Anthony Hopkins?

Sir Phillip Anthony Hopkins is cited as an acting icon due to his profound performances on both the stage and screen.

He has come under the direction of many great filmmakers such as David Lynch Oliver Stone and Steven Spielberg to name just a few. With that taking his Hollywood credentials further Hopkins has also gone beyond acting roles by directing and producing movies to yet more success.Throughout his acting career Hopkins has given award-winning performances in movies of all genres and styles establishing himself as one of the most prolific actors in the business. While most of his accolades came from the realms of drama Hopkins helped create cinema history by winning an Oscar for his performance in Silence of the Lambs which also became the first and only horror to win Best Picture at the prestigious event.

The Welsh actors appearance in the horror genre spans decades. His roles range from supernatural beings to killers with a taste for flesh scaring and unsettling his audiences in individual scenes alone. Lets go through best of one of the best in the business and select the top scariest Hopkins moments.The lycanthrope responsible is revealed to be Hopkins Sir John Lawrences father who was bitten by a feral cursed child years ago. The two soon come to blows in a vicious supernatural creature fight with Lawrences transformation being slow and painful as he rejects the change whereas Sir John welcomes it to shed himself of any humanity. The fight is brutal and bloody. Sir John meets a gruesome end at the hands of his cub.

Despite the sequel falling rather flat compared to its predecessor there are some chilling sequences to offer. One is the origin story of Mason Verger Gary Oldman an alleged sex offender who shares his horrific encounter with Hannibal. Flashbacks show the two engaging with substances to the point of Verger losing a solid grip of reality which Hannibal immediately takes advantage of and tempts his companion to cut off his own face to be made into dog food. The scenes material is almost too gruesome to stay looking at the screen and exemplifies the extreme level Hannibal Lecter goes to with his victims.


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