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Which Criminal Minds Episode Hotch’s Wife Is Killed (& By Who)

One of the darkest moments of Felonious Minds saw a killer targeting Haley, theex-wife of Hotch; then is the occasion where she dies and who killsher.Here is the Felonious Minds occasion where Hotch’s former woman
Haley is killed, and by whom. Felonious Minds debuted in 2005 and set itself piecemeal from the more standard procedurals of the time by putting a focus on a platoon of FBI agents sketching periodical killers. This cerebral angle saw the show attract a fanbase, and it infrequently nestled down from the darkness essential in the subject matter. The darker side of Felonious Minds was balanced out- kindly
– by its cast ofcharacters.Criminal Minds has plenitude of addict-favorite characters, from Matthew Gray Gubler’s Spencer Reid to Kirsten Vangsness’ Garcia or Shemar Moore’s who left after season 11- Morgan. The interplay and chemistry between the ensemble gave Felonious Minds roughly much- demanded frivolity. The series also featured lots of memorable” unsubs,” including Tim Curry’s” Prince of Darkness,” Aubrey Plaza’s Cat Adams or Mark Hamill’s echo” The Replicator.” Arguably the most monstrous killer the BAU faced on Felonious Minds was George Foyet, AKA The Reaper. Played by The Hitcher starC. Thomas Howell, The Reaper was a narcissistic periodical killer who tortured the platoon on further than one occasion, including nearly killing Hotch( Thomas Gibson). In one of Felonious Minds’ most violent occurrences, The Reaper targeted Hotch’sex-wife Haley( Meredith Monroe) and their youthful son Jack( Cade Owens). In Felonious Minds season 5 occasion” 100″ which marked the show’s 100th overall occasion- The Reaper has tracked down Haley and Jack. Foyet poses as aU.S. Marshal to gain access to her house, before calling BAU principal Hotch to let him know there is nothing he can do. Foyet allows Jack to leave the room and lets Hotch and Haley say farewell over the phone before he shoots her offscreen and stabs her body. Hotch arrives at the house shortly subsequently and after a brutal fight, beats The Reaper to death before being pulled off the cadaver by the BAU.

The death of Hotch’sex-wife Haley is truly one of the most harrowing scenes in Felonious Minds, with Foyet- and the showrunners- making sure to maximize the trauma of the moment. It’s still considered one of the most shocking scenes on the show, and dispensable to say, Haley’s demise had a major impact on Hotch in the times subsequently. The vicious pleasure The Reaper took in the figure- up to the payoff and his plan to also murder Jack also cemented him as one of Felonious Minds’ most memorable unsubs.


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