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Umbrella Academy MCR Easter Egg Teased Sloane’s Fate In Season 3, Ep 1

Can a sneaky My Chemical Romance Easter egg confirm what happened to Sloane Hargreeves in The Umbrella Academy season 3’s ending? Despite introducing a whole new sibling septet, only two Sparrows remain alive when Netflix’s The Umbrella Academy season 3 enters its final act – Ben and Sloane. Both enter Oblivion and become two of the seven bells who power the universal reset machine, but Sloane alone is mysteriously missing when the Hargreeves siblings resurface in Sir Reginald’s reshaped universe.

The jury remains out on precisely what became of Sloane Hargreeves after The Umbrella Academy’s universal reset. Maybe Allison killing Sir Reginald caused the process to go wrong. Perhaps Allison’s mysterious deal with Reginald involved getting rid of Luther’s new wife, since she and Spaceboy had a vomit-inducing “thing” in the past. Or did Reginald send his daughter somewhere exotic because he knew her deepest desire was traveling the world? Until The Umbrella Academy season 4, none can say for sure… Or maybe My Chemical Romance can.

The original Umbrella Academy comic books were penned by My Chemical Romance frontman Gerard Way, and the Netflix adaptation features plenty of songs, references and Easter eggs connected to the recently reunited rock band. When Sloane first appears in The Umbrella Academy season 3, episode 1, she’s reading a travel guide called “Jetset Life,” and carries this book until the end of the world. The guide’s title must surely be a nod to My Chemical Romance’s “The Jetset Life Is Gonna Kill You” from 2004’s Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge album. While maybe just a harmless nod, Sloane’s travel book could’ve foreshadowed her fate as early as the Sparrows’ very first appearance, meaning she’s actually dead when The Umbrella Academy season 3 ends.

Is Sloane Dead? Will She Return In Umbrella Academy Season 4?
Genesis Rodriguez and Jetset life easter egg in Umbrella Academy
There are several ways Sloane might’ve died in The Umbrella Academy season 3’s world-changing finale. Oblivion’s universal reset machine seemingly allows every aspect of reality to be written, life and death very much included. Sir Reginald Hargreeves might’ve wanted Sloane dead because she defied him, and his partner in crime, Allison, could’ve killed Sloane out of jealousy over Luther. Alternatively, both Umbrella Academy villains might be responsible for Sloane’s death. Reginald might’ve wanted everyone dead (except his loyal Ben), but Allison bargained for her siblings to be spared, hitting new levels of pettiness by not bothering to include Luther’s new wife.

One potential clue from The Umbrella Academy season 3’s final act implies Sloane was swallowed by the botched reset process. Shortly before Allison hits the big red button, one of the seven squares on the console screen (representing the seven siblings being drained) is blank, whereas the others are fully white. Allison might’ve given Reginald the axe before he properly finished setting up the process. If so, Sloane may not have transferred safely from one universe to another.

Even if Sloane is dead when The Umbrella Academy season 4 begins, her story isn’t necessarily over. Luther, Klaus and Ben have all returned from the dead one way or another, and Luther will be desperate to drag his wife back from the afterlife if that’s where she ended up. The Umbrella Academy gang must overcome the pesky issue of losing their powers first, of course, but Luther storming off to find Sloane in the final moments of “Oblivion” very strongly points towards her whereabouts becoming a major storyline for The Umbrella Academy season 4.


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