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This is why the new series of The Crown could be ‘painful’ for the Royal Family

There’s been much hype around the new series of The Crown, but what will it mean for the royals, as the events depicted creep closer to the present day? The Crown season 5 will be hitting screens before we know it, but while viewers are eagerly anticipating the new series, the royals themselves may not be too thrilled about the show’s latest revelations.

The upcoming season will shed late on controversies regarding Princess Diana, the late Princess of Wales, and the fire at Windsor Castle. There has been much speculation about how much of The Crown is true, and how much is exaggerated for entertainment. Royal biographer Angela Levin told the Daily Star that there are new fears regarding the upcoming series, which will see Imelda Staunton taking over the role of Queen Elizabeth from Olivia Colman.

The royal biographer said that the royals are concerned about the impact the new storylines will have. She said when asked whether they royals are concerned, “Yes, I think they are. I think it will be very painful,” she said.Before adding, “But you can’t stop a programme like that.” She continued, “There’s nothing really they can do about it. It’s a great shame. They just have to have what the Queen has always said, a stiff upper lip,” But then went on to say that the Royal Family are, “used to having a difficult life with people saying  rude things and making bad comments. But actually, it can in some ways turn people around when they realise it’s not true.”


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