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The Vampire Diaries: the top 5 best (and worst) episodes of the series

8 seasons of twists passion and magic This is what The Vampire Diaries series offered us throughout its 171 episodes age at which Stefan Salvatore left us. The inhabitants of Mystic Falls and their enemies took us on a journey into their fantasy world where vampires witches and werewolves live around us humans. Mals there was good and less good. What are the best and worst episodes of the show? The answer according to the fans.

In The Vampire Diaries Paul Wesley Nina Dobrev Ian Somerhalder Kat Graham and Candice Accola have sworn loyalty to us except Nina who decided to leave at the end of the sixth season to impress us. But obviously the longer a series lasts the more complicated it is to excite viewers. Back to the top 5 best episodes but also the worst according to IMDB fans.Damon lets Katherine take him on a mysterious adventure. For his part Stefan is back in Mystic Falls with Klaus to whom he has promised obedience if the latter saves his brothers life. Klaus who at that time is still considered the big bad wolf discovers very quickly that the double Petrova aka Elena is still alive which is not the best news of the year for him.

What an episode the graduation ceremony when half of the group are vampires Caroline Elena and Stefan. Bonnie she is about to live her last day alive but hush its a secret. Questions about Silas and his true self keep growing until Stefan finds out and ends up being tortured . It is also the famous episode in which Klaus saves Carolines life and asks her to come with him to New Orleans.Who loves John Gilbert seriously? Other than saving Elenas life he has done no good. He even tried to kill all the supernatural beings including Damon and the mayor of Mystic Falls yes yes Tyler Lockwoods father having werewolf genes who were trapped. It is also in this episode that Tyler will lose his very dear daddy.


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