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The role George Clooney played so badly that he was compelled to apologise

Cinema is a safe space wherein actors can freely express themselves playing violent racoons emotionally wrought ex-husbands ass kicking Gods and much much more.

Though whilst you can explore the boundaries of imagination such movies and characters can still be the recipient of criticism with actor George Clooney feeling the full force of disgruntled audiences when he played the titular caped crusader in Joel Schumachers glorious disaster Batman & Robin in 1997.Memorable for the plastic aesthetic that makes it look like an enlarged elaborate toy set the 1997 movie is widely considered to be a marketing exercise gone right and a cinematic venture that went badly wrong. Starring some of the most iconic actors of the era including Arnold Schwarzenegger Alicia Silverstone Uma Thurman and Clooney the movie defied its potential becoming the final nail in the coffin for mainstream superhero movies in the 20th century.

So embarrassed at the movie Clooney took to Comic Con in 2014 to apologise for so terribly destroyed the part. As reported at the time Clooney added I think since Batman that I have been disinvited from Comic Con for 20 years I just met Adam West there and I apologized to him. Sorry about the nipples on the suit. Freeze freeze I apologize for that. The candy coloured dreamworld created by Schumacher for Batman & Robin was a bizarre farce of a film featuring cartoonish caricatures and surreal action set pieces so curious that it felt almost psychedelic. These days much like any cinematic mess the film is considered a superhero movie that is so bad it good with Clooneys hammy performance combining with Schwarzeneggers silly one liners to make for quite the romp.


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