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The ‘Real Housewives’ Franchise Has a Major Receipts Problem

Still, show it! ” prompted Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Garcelle Beauvais across the table of a swank 90210 café , If that’s your evidence. “ This is your time ” She was talking to her friend andco-star Sutton Stracke, who had been indicted by their otherco-star, Lisa Rinna, of backing out of paying for a table at Elton John’s AIDS charity fete at the veritably last nanosecond.

In an attempt to prove her innocence to the jury of glamorous Real Housewives who were sitting around the table, Stracke sluggishly reached into her gold handbag and revealed a folded piece of paper. It was a print- eschewal of an dispatch exchange, which sounded to reveal that she had paid for at least two seats at the table for Rinna and her hubby, actor Harry Hamlin. After surveying the substantiation like a judge in a pivotal trial, Beauvais concluded “ She paid for the table, y’ all. ”“ Bills ” have gradationally come a huge part of Bravo’s Real Housewives ballot. In the case of Strackevs. Rinna, the stunner “ damage ” was, relatively literally, an American Express damage for$,500. But the term is used more extensively to relate to a record of commodity, like a shady discussion or a disputed invite to an event, which was transferred digitally.
The term, of course, began from a 2002 tell- all interview of Whitney Houston by Diane Sawyer, who asked the songster to corroborate reports that she had an precious medicine habit. Houston laughed and responded “ No way, no way. I wan na see the bills. From the medicine dealer that I bought$,000 worth of medicines from. I wan na see the bills! ” Houston’s idiosyncrasy was eternalized in GIF form and “ bills ” came a popular term among the LGBTQ community. When Black drag queens made it part of the wordbook on RuPaul’s Drag Race, it went completely mainstream and the rest ishistory.Now, the Real Housewives ca n’t get enough of participating “ the bills. ” And they ’re not just dropping them on the show, to gasps from theirco-stars and the followership at home, they ’re posting them on social media too. But what started off as a fascinating addition to the ballot is fast getting a nuisance in its side, which is in peril of derailing it and spoiling thefun.However, when social media was brand-new and reality television was also still in its relative immaturity, reality stars had smaller ways to correct the record — or speak on the show as it was raising, If we look back to the launch of the Real Housewives ballot. Some of the Housewives would write “ Bravo blogs, ” which were published( and presumably proofread) by the network every week. According to Brian Moylan, author of The Housewives The Real Story Behind the Real Housewives, writing a Bravo blog was the only way the cast could admit an advance screener of the forthcoming week’s occasion.

With a lack of other options, utmost of the arguing over what really went down on the show was saved for the reunion occurrences, where host Andy Cohen would recap the season with the cast. At reunion tapings, the “ fourth wall ” which separates reality stars from their followership was completely down, so the women
would frequently bring substantiation with them, like print- outs of textbook, which they allowed
backed up their narrative.( “ I did call you when you were sick!, ” “ you did ask me not to retake with her!, ” “ we did agree to meet! ”). Gradationally, this has escalated in the Season 5 reunion of The Real Housewives of Potomac, Monique Samuels brought an entire binder of bills with her, published out and color enciphered, including lecherous textbook dispatches transferred by the former hubby of one of herco-stars to another woman.


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