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The Originals: 10 Best Quotes That Are Also Real Life Advice

As the last and final installment of the franchise, Legacies has come to an end, The Vampire Diaries Universe has finally been completed. The Originals was the most mature out of the three as it was exploring much darker themes than the other series. A big part of what made The Originals so successful was how well-written and intelligent its characters were.

There were several occasions in the show where the characters’ wise words hit a bit too close to home as they could easily apply to everyday situations in real life. And who better to take advice from than the Mikaelsons who have a thousand years’ worth of life experiences?When Cami died with vampire blood in her system, she was reluctant to complete her transition into a vampire and she almost didn’t go through with it, but Vincent managed to convince her otherwise with this quote. He added before it that even in a world with monsters, things were better with her.Even without the vampires and the monsters, the real world can be a pretty grim place at times. But that doesn’t mean that it’s not worth living in it. Those are some great words to live by as they can remind people of all the good they can bring into the world.The characters of The Originals went face to face with multiple threats during the show’s five seasons, but they always managed to come out victorious. When she said this quote, Rebekah was referring to the possibility of Esther stirring up trouble with the ancestors when they consecrated her bones in order to complete the harvest ritual. So they essentially solved their problem by potentially creating a new one, but they decided to not worry about it until they had to.

With these words, Rebekah is highlighting that it’s important to take on life day by day and deal with problems one at a time. Life can sometimes be very overwhelming and things might start to pile up, but worrying about future problems before they even form is pointless.


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