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‘Stranger Things’ Music Supervisor Nora Felder Talks Helping Kate Bush Score An Unlikely Hit: Interview

While music may be an integral part in numerous( if not each) television shows, the medium is n’t exactly known for transubstantiating melodies into successes. In fact, it’s fairly uncommon that any track becomes a smash because of its point in a program on the small screen. It’s indeed rarer for a song from decades past to be so impeccably placed into a popular show’s plot that it not only reaches a new followership, but far outperforms its original map run and stands out as one of the biggest triumphs of the time.

While it might not be with any frequence, that’s exactly what has taken place following the release of season four of Netflix’s NFLX2.7 mammoth title Foreigner effects. Music administrator Nora Felder, also known for her work on similar series as Ray Donovan, Californication, and The OA( among others) fitted the track” Running Up That Hill( A Deal with God)” by fabulous British songster- tunesmith Kate Bush into the rearmost season of the sci- fi spectacle, and in no time, it took off.
Despite the fact that the song was originally released in the medial- ‘ 80s, at which point it came a top 10 megahit in her home country and a top 40 title in theU.S., Stranger effects has propelled it to heights that no longer sounded in reach for Bush, if they ever were atall.Since season four of Stranger effects premiered,” Running Up That Hill( A Deal with God)” has shot toNo. 1 in theU.K.( beating its original peak ofNo. 3) andNo. 3 on the Hot 100 in theU.S., giving Bush her first top 10 smash in the nation.

Now, Felder has earned her fourth Emmy nomination for Outstanding Music Supervision( all for her work on Foreigner effects), and she may win her first jewel in about a month. I spoke with Felder about how she asked Bush and what it’s been like watching the time- tested song come the megahit single numerous argue it always should have been.
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Hugh McIntyre The music featured in Foreigner effects has been ate so warmly. How does it feel to see the world replying not only to the program, but specifically to the music used for it?

Nora Felder It’s been so gratifying to see this season reverberate with a different demographic of societies from around the world. It has also been gladdening to see that the music of Stranger effects has reconnected earlier generations to songs they grew up with during different phases of their lives.


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