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Stephen Colbert made a mash-up of Severance and The Office

Part of the appeal of Severance is how it plays off of the tradition of workplace-set shows, turning the comedy staple into a psychological thriller. Starring Adam Scott, known for his roles in Parks & Recreation and Party Down, the Apple TV+ series follows a lovable group of co-workers as they band together to investigate their company, which is more like a sinister cult. But what if there was a little more room for hijinks amongst all the scary numbers?

In a special segment for The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, the late night host visits Lumon Industries and gets the brain implant that separates the employees’ work and personal lives. However, it quickly becomes clear that not all innies are docile, Kier-worshipping worker bees.

Mark S. (Scott), Irving B. (John Turturro), and Mr. Milchick (Tramell Tillman) all return to the Macrodata Refinement office for the clip. (Zach Cherry’s Dylan G. must have taken the day off to do a muscle show.) Their new co-worker Steve C. is more interested in turning Lumon into Dunder Mifflin than he is in becoming refiner of the quarter.


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