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Star Trek: Enterprise Rewatch: “Marauders”

Captain’s star log. We open at a ramshackle mining colony that is struggling to meet their quota. As they work, a ship comes down from orbit, but it’s not a ship they recognize. However, the viewer recognizes it as a shuttlepod from Enterprise.

Archer, T’Pol, and Tucker approach the miners about trading for some deuterium. The miners are unwilling to part with any deuterium. When Archer points out that they scanned a very large reserve, the miners are initially pissed that Enterprise scanned them at all. Archer assures them that they only did so because they didn’t reply to hails. The leader, Tessic, says they’re too busy mining and refining to answer hails, especially since two of their pumps are down. The reserve Enterprise scanned is for another customer, and Enterprise needs to leave before that customer arrives in a few days.

The haggling then begins in earnest, as Archer can offer Tucker’s repair services on the pumps, as well as some medical supplies and power cells. In exchange for that, Tessic will give them a tiny bit of deuterium, and they need to get it done before the other client arrives in three days.

Tucker goes back to the pod to find a stowaway: a boy named Q’ell, who asks lots of questions about the pod. Tucker offers him a ride, if he gets permission from his elders. Tucker then repairs the pumps.

E’Lis accompanies the shuttlepod back to Enterprise where Phlox provides her with various supplies. Phlox notices that she needs treatments for plasma burns, which is unusual for a mining colony, but E’Lis gives him a bullshit answer for it. Archer also notices that the mine is pretty run-down and should be in much better shape given how much deuterium they mine.

A Klingon ship comes out of warp. This is the other client. It turns out that Tessic doesn’t trade with them, he simply gives them as much deuterium as they want in exchange for Korok, the leader of the Klingon gang, not killing them all. They tried rebelling, and it got several people—including Q’ell’s father—killed. The Enterprise crew on the planet hide and Enterprise stays on the far side of the planet from the Klingon ship when it comes into orbit.

The deuterium earmarked for Korok is insufficient, which Tessic blames on the broken pumps that have only just been fixed. Korok “generously” gives them four days to mine the rest of it.

Tessic gives Archer the deuterium they asked for, and then politely but urgently asks them to leave before the Klingons come back. Archer, however, is not willing to let this go. T’Pol points out that fighting off the Klingons once won’t help them—once Enterprise is gone, Korok will just come back and be meaner.


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