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Southern Charm: Taylor Ann Green Interested In Dating Tom Schwartz

Southern Charm’s newest star Taylor Ann Green lately revealed that she has her eyes set on Vanderpump Rules cast member Tom Schwartz. Taylor joined the Southern Charm cast in season 7 as Shep Rose’s gal. The couple faced pressure in their new relationship when Taylor was exposed to COVID- 19 and Shep made her counterblockade with Craig Conover and his gal at the time, Natalie Hegnauer.

Taylor and Shep’s relationship sounded to be progressing along in Southern Charm season 8. still, Taylor misdoubted Shep’s commitment to her when he sounded unsupportive after a gestation dread. Despite admitting that Taylor had all the rates he wanted in a woman, the consummate bachelorette admitted that he felt reservations about settling down. While Shep went on a brief road trip with Craig and Austen Kroll, observers watched as Taylor expressed her precariousness about Shep being faithful to her while he wasaway.Amid recent rumors that Taylor and Shep had broken up, the newest Southern Charm star verified on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen that the two are no longer together. When Andy asked if there’s “ anyone in the Bravoverse ” that she’d want to be set up with, Taylor responded, “ golden Tom, ” pertaining to Tom Schwartz. She revealed that she had met the Vanderpump Rules star at the NBC Upfronts and claimed, “ He was just a doll. He’s veritably lovely. ” Tom was preliminarily married to Katie Maloney for further than six times before they blazoned theirsplit.Southern Charm star Olivia Flowers lately participated that Taylor and Shep’s bifurcation was n’t endless, and the couple were still figuring effects out. still, Taylor revealed to Andy that she and Shep were n’t in communication at the moment and that they had been living independently previous to their separation. Shep, who has admitted to chancing it hard to remain faithful, participated during the Southern Charm season 11 reunion that he’d kissed another woman on a stairwell. When Andy asked Taylor if she allowed
there were other incidents, the Southern Charm star hedged that she’d have to “ assume so. ”
While Shep has had numerous love interests during his seasons in Southern Charm, Taylor has been his first serious gal on the show. numerous suckers believed Shep was eventually taking way towards marriage, which would have made him the first manly cast member to tie the knot. Tom has preliminarily participated that he was n’t interested in dating after his divorce with Katie, but maybe Taylor can make him change his mind.


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