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Sister Wives’ Robyn Brown’s Most Annoying Traits & Habits Ranked

Most Sister Wives fans find several of Robyn Brown’s personality traits annoying, and it’s time to talk about the quirks that earn her criticism from viewers. From playing the victim card to manipulating others to get her way, to crying endless tears, Robyn does a lot to irritate viewers. There is no doubt that she is Kody Brown’s ideal wife, but she is hardly a fan favorite.

While Robyn often pretends that she wants peace and harmony, a lot of her actions show that she enjoys the power that comes with being Kody’s preferred spouse. Since she became his fourth wife on Sister Wives, viewers have been noticing how Kody shifted his attention to Robyn and overlooked his other wives, triggering a lot of jealousy. Although the other wives resented Kody’s favoritism, Robyn made it worse over the years by pretending that they were all having the same struggles.

There has been no shortage of family drama on Sister Wives, including several moves to different states, run-ins with the law, and catfishing scandals. The complicated family dynamic became too much for Christine Brown, as she ultimately chose to leave Kody and move out. Since this was the first time that a wife left Kody, her choice came as a shock to viewers and the Sister Wives cast. Robyn’s reaction to the separation turned more fans against her, as she made it more about herself than anything else.

3. Robyn Plays The Victim
Robyn Brown Sister Wives On Sister Wives season 16, Robyn famously called herself a scapegoat, and said that she gets blamed for all the family drama. While Meri Brown has no relationship with Kody at all, Janelle Brown has more of a platonic partnership with him, and Christine has already flown the coop. Robyn is in the best place with her husband, but seems to complain the most. She has a lot of power and influence in the Brown family, but whenever something does not go her way, she pretends that what transpired was out of her control.

2. Robyn The Puppetmaster
Kody Brown and Robyn Brown arguing outside. As Kody’s favorite wife, Robyn knows how to get her way in the Brown family, and seems to constantly be manipulating those around her. Despite Kody saying on the show that there is no “head wife,” Robyn pulls the strings on Sister Wives. She is the reason why they moved to Coyote Pass, she got Kody to divorce his first wife to legally marry her, and she drove a wedge between Kody and the other wives.

1. Sobbin’ Robyn
Robyn Brown Sister Wives Robyn got the less-than-flattering nickname “Sobbin’ Robyn” because of how frequently she cries on Sister Wives. Since season one, it’s been obvious that Robyn uses her tears as a way to distract from any valid points that the other wives make. Fans think that she uses her tears as a way to try and get sympathy. She has continued to burst into tears through sixteen seasons, and recently cried during the Tell-All about Kody and Christine’s broken marriage. However, fans thought that she was crying crocodile tears.


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