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Scream 6: First Look at Hayden Panettiere’s Return as Kirby

It was preliminarily blazoned that addict-favorite Hayden Panettiere would officially be back as her laugh 4 character Kirby Reed for the forthcoming sixth Scream movie, and now we’ve a print of her on set! The sanctioned Scream account posted a the image using the BeReal app, featuring star Jasmin Savoy plus Panettiere. Both actresses appear to be in the hair and make- up caravan for the film, but the print does offer us a first look at the return of Kirby Reed. Though technically absent from the fifth movie, released in theaters this once January, Panettiere’s character was substantiated in a many blink- and- you’ll- miss- it Easter eggs.

2011’s Scream 4 is the smallest- grossing entry in the slasher ballot by a wide periphery, but numerous suckers of the series still have a soft spot for it, especially because of Panettiere’s horror- movie hung up character. There were supposedly plans for Kirby to return in 2022’s Scream 5 but they ended up taking a backseat, so when the news of Scream 6 came public, the actress revealed that she went to the commanding platoon and asked to come back herself.” I called them up myself and was like’ So. you guys do not be to wan na bring Kirby back, do you?'” Panettiere lately participated with Good Morning America.” I wanted to be in it that poorly.”
” We did talk about it, and we really wanted to. We had a drone with Hayden and we really wanted to try to find a way to get her into the movie,” patron Chad Villella preliminarily participated with The Wrap.” In fact, in that YouTube section of the movie, that was originally going to be a clip of Rian Johnson, talking about making impale 8 with Woodsboro survivor Kirby. But we were not suitable to get all the pieces in place in time to get it into the movie. So we had to snappily pivot and Hayden was completely accessible about all that. But, we wanted to get some nod to Kirby being in the movie, and also we did get her voice to advance to the’ to Wes’ toast.” Other verified cast members for Scream 6 include Melissa Barrera, Mason Gooding, and Jenna Ortega, who’ll duplication their places from 2022’s Scream. Actor Dermot Mulroney is also set to appear with actress Hayden Panettiere, reprising her laugh 4 part of Kirby Reed as well. Jack Champion( punishers Endgame, Avatar The Way of Water), Liana Liberato( Light as a Feather), Devyn Nekoda( Sneakerella), and Josh Segarra( Arrow’s Adrian Chase) have all inked on for hte effect as well which lately hired Mission insolvable star Henry Czerny as well. As preliminarily reported, Neve Campbell won’t be back as Sydney Prescott, marking a first for the ballot.

The new Scream is presently slated to hit theaters on March 31, 2023 with product still ongoing. What are you hoping to see in the coming entry in the series and how do you suppose Kirby will fit into it? Sound off in the commentary below and let us know. July is nearly then and numerous of the major streaming services are gearing up for blockbuster season with a bunch of new movie and television additions. Netflix, Disney, HBO Max, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video all have a ton of titles in store coming month, including some of the biggest movie releases of the time so far.

Disney has not one, but two massive blockbusters being added to its lineup coming month as part of the Premier Access program. Black Widow, the first Marvel Studios movie in nearly two times, will arrive on July 9th, followed by Jungle voyage on July 30th. Smack in the middle of those two events will be the Season 1 homestretch of Loki.

HBO Max continues its day- and- date rollout of WarnerBros. pictures in July with maybe one of the most awaited titles from the plant in 2021. LeBron James brigades up with the Tune Squad for Space Jam A New Legacy, arriving on July 16th.

Over on Netflix, July will bring new shows like Masters of the Universe Revelation and Resident Evil, along with the alternate seasons of external Banks and I suppose You Should Leave with Tim Robinson.


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