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Red Hood: Outlaws Unites DC’s Dark Trinity in New Webtoon (Exclusive Preview)

Ahead of the release of DC’s latest web comic in its partnership with WEBTOON, preview images of Red Hood: Outlaws have been revealed exclusively to Screen Rant. The series brings together a team of heroes spun-off from DC’s Batman/Wonder Woman/Superman Trinity, each making a name for themselves together. Instead of relying on DC’s tentpole heroes, Red Hood’s team will rely on each other to forge a path of their own.

WEBTOON and DC’s partnership began in 2021 with Batman: Wayne Family Adventures. This year, Vixen: NYC was added to WEBTOON’s offerings. Recently, Zatanna & the Ripper began serializing on the site. The next WEBTOON series will be Red Hood: Outlaws. The Outlaws team debuted in 2011 as part of DC’s New 52 and consisted of Red Hood, Arsenal, and Starfire. Eventually the team shifted members, though Red Hood still remained as the leader. Now, this dark trinity is making a comeback.

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Red Hood: Outlaws has the creative team of Patrick R. Young and Nico Bascuñán. It brings together the titular hero, Artemis, and Bizarro as they meet a new challenge head-on – replacing the Justice League. While few specifics have been revealed as of yet, the series promises to be an exciting chapter in the lives of Jason Todd, Artemis, and Bizarro. These misfits will bring a fresh take to fans as they attempt to become true heroes. Check out the synopsis and preview images here:

The Outlaws try to go legit – and fail spectacularly. The Justice League has issued a challenge to Red Hood, Artemis of Bana-Mighdall, and Bizarro, who have to try and replace their goody-two-shoe counterparts as the heroes the world neither deserves nor needs. In this original series, the Outlaws will battle some of DC’s biggest Super-Villains and Super Heroes – but their biggest battles are among themselves. Can this team last? And can they find their own identities separate from Batman, Wonder Woman, and Superman?

Red Hood, Bizarro, and Artemis are often overshadowed by DC’s more popular Trinity, though their Dark Trinity may steal the spotlight yet. The preview images don’t reveal a lot of details about the story nor their upcoming opponents. However, it is a great look at Bascuñán’s art, revealing the series’ tone. It also shows a new dynamic – and outfit – for the heroes. Bizarro is sporting a hat while Artemis varies between a look that is very minimalistic and one that has more traditional Amazon elements. In a recent interview with Screen Rant, Young and Bascuñán discussed the range of storytelling they have been allowed by DC. The story exists in its own universe, made up of various parts of DC continuity, allowing the characters more room to grow without inhibition by ongoing comic series.

The Outlaws are a team that hasn’t had a lot of time in the spotlight. They are a relatively newer team compared to others like the Justice Society of America and the Teen Titans, developing a cult following of fans dedicated to DC’s black-sheep antiheroes. Each of the characters has traditionally operated independently, often blurring the line between hero and villain. However, WEBTOON will now give DC’s Dark Trinity a chance to shine on their own. Red Hood: Outlaws will begin releasing August 14.


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