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Red Dead Redemption 2: Cigarette Card Locations

There’s a wide range of retired odes and particulars throughout the vast world of Red Dead Redemption 2. Cigarette Cards and Card Sets are collectibles that are n’t egregious to the mortal eye. There’s a aggregate of 144 Cigarette Cards, distributed by 12 sets and 12 cards within each set. Each pack rewards Arthur with a arbitrary card, and duplicates can be vended at a hedge for$1.00. also, each completed Card Set comes with a handsome price, generally conforming of a heavy quantum of cash and a handyitem.However, chancing individual cards doesn’t grant Arthur a price, only completed sets. Each set isn’t distinct to particular locales. For illustration, finishing a specific set might bear Arthur to venture from Valentine down to Blackwater. Below are lists of every Card Set along with every individual card and their matching locales. Whether players are hunting down each card or exploring the world, utmost of these cards will obligate them to stop and smell the flowers every so frequently.


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