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Pink Floyd’s Waters backs Russia, calls Biden a ‘war criminal’ over Ukraine

Roger Waters is defending styling Joe Biden a “ war miscreant, ” criminating the chairman of “ fueling the fire in the Ukraine. ”

“ That’s a huge crime, ” the Pink Floydco-founder said in an interview that vented Saturday on CNN’s “ Smerconish. ” During his rearmost solo musicale stint, the 78- time-old rocker includes an image of Biden in a montage of “ war culprits, ” with the communication “ Just getting started ” over the 46th chairman’s face.
Speaking with host Michael Smerconish, Waters wondered audibly why the United States would n’t “ encourage ” Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky “ to negotiate, preventing the need for this terrible, horrendous war that’s payoff we do n’t know how numerous Ukrainians and Russians. ”

Biden has authorized further than$ 8 billion in security backing for Ukraine over the course of 17 packages following Russia’s irruption, which began in February, according to White House public security spokesperson John Kirby.
Smerconish pushed back on the reflections from Waters, leading to several heated exchanges between the two. “ But you ’re condemning the party that got raided, come on. You ’ve got it reversed.( Russian President Vladimir Putin) is at fault, ” Smerconish said at one point.

Russian colors raided Ukraine in February after preliminarily overrunning in 2014 and adding the region of Crimea. Putin and Russian media have offered the false narrative to justify the irruption that it was necessary to denazify Ukraine’s leadership, despite the fact that Zelensky himself isJewish.The United Nations General Assembly approved a resolution condemning the irruption and calling for Russia to remove its colors.
But Waters defended Russia in the contentious discussion with Smerconish. “ This war is principally about the action and response of NATO pushing right up to the Russian border, which they promised they would n’t do when( former Soviet leader Mikhail) Gorbachev negotiated the withdraw of the USSR from the total of Eastern Europe. ”

NATO has taken on the Baltic countries and other countries in Eastern Europe formerly dominated by the Soviet Union as members since the fall of Soviet rule. Ukraine had pressed for NATO class, another spark in the conflict with Russia, though it wasn’t actually close to getting a NATO member at the time of the irruption.


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