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One Piece Creator Reveals Plans For Life Following Series’ End

It is no secret that anime has become a major medium in entertainment, and the industry has taken notice. From large-scale theatrical releases to streaming wars, anime is causing a frenzy in the media space. Of course, major companies like Crunchyroll and Netflix have worked in anime for ages, but other powerhouses are treading into the industry. And now, it seems Disney and Bleach have stirred up all kinds of buzz online thanks to one intricate rumor.

So of course, we’re here to break down what we know, what is being said, and what is still uncertain. The question on everyone’s mind right is whether Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War will stream on Disney+, and the current answer is that we just are not sure.

The whole thing popped up this past weekend as well-known influencers in the anime space began posting about Bleach. It was there reports went live that Bleach’s new anime would not be streaming on Crunchyroll as anticipated or even Netflix. Instead, it was reported that Disney+ would be streaming the long-awaited series and that more information about the license would be released this September.

The rumor comes after months of radio silence from streaming services regarding Bleach. Viz Media did host a major panel for the upcoming series at Anime Expo, and the company confirmed its license of Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War as an IP long ago. The only question that remained was where Bleach would stream since Viz Media doesn’t have its own streaming service. The company sublets its license for streaming services, and up until now, the usual culprits for anime deals were Crunchyroll, Hulu, and Netflix.


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