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Nicole Kidman shares sweet reunion with Keith Urban as she makes surprise appearance

Fans were gushing over the romantic moment.Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban are undoubtedly nothing but supportive of one anothers careers but that does not mean their busy schedules do not cause some difficult moments in their marriage.

This year is an extra busy one for the couple as Keith is on tour across the world until the very end of the year and Nicole has several projects in production. However the two appear to be nothing but capable about making things work and they have just had a heartfelt reunion following their busy months and it is as sweet as it gets.Despite their packed itinerary the couple found a moment to spend some quality time together and did it the best way they know how by surprising fans on stage in the middle of one of the country singers concerts.Nicole took to Instagram Stories to share with fans the heartfelt and romantic moment with a black and white video of themselves embracing one another on stage.The video sees her husband taking a step back from the microphone as his wife sporting a chic and billowing off-the-shoulder dress walked over to him and they tightly wrapped their arms around each other.

As the singer is seen smiling ear to ear the crowd is heard immediately erupting in cheers and applause over the delightful surprise appearance. The actress captured her Instagram Story of the reunion with On the road with keith urban. The country star is set to be away from home for the remainder of the year as his very last tour date is on 17 December. On the bright side he is finishing up the tour in none other than in his and his wifes home with the very last performance being in Melbourne Australia and the prior ten will be all throughout the continent.

Meanwhile the mom of four is coming off of several new project releases including The Northman Being the Ricardos Nine Perfect Strangers and Roar and theres plenty more in the works coming soon.She is currently filming Expats a television series for Amazon Prime Video which she is also producing. It is a look at the personal and professional lives of a tight knit group of expatriates living in Hong Kong and also features Anjelica Hustons nephew and House of Gucci actor Jack Huston.She is also set to appear in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom which stars Jason Momoa and has a 2023 release well as in an animated movie titled Spellbound which follows a teenager who comes of age using her magical powers to defend her family.


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