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Nicki Minaj Appears to Have Suggested Drake Is a Billionaire

In footage participated extensively on social media in recent days, Nicki is heard chronicling the illustrations of a surely precious tarmac scene, complete with advice to those harkening to give a near airman a surge. From there, Nicki who was lately in the Toronto area for Drake’s Young Money reunion show, also featuring Lil Wayne is heard crying out an unnamed “ Canadian friend ” who’s not inescapably keen on publicizing their billionaire status.

“ Look, this is what happens you ’ve got a rich — I ’m sorry — a veritably rich, a veritably rich, rich, rich, rich Canadian friend who’s the only billionaire that I know that do n’t want people to know that he a billionaire, ” Nicki said, as seen in the videotape below, which was firstly participated to her IG Stories. “ I love this aeroplane
. ”
Adding to the decreasingly participated supposition that this “ Canadian friend ” is indeed Drake is the fact that Nicki latterly hit like on the following tweetFriday, Nicki is set to unleash her new single “ Super Freaky Girl. ” The track will arrive bare days after it was blazoned that Nicki would( relatively deservedly) be recognized at the 2022 MTV Video Music Awards with the Video Vanguard award, preliminarily donors of which have included Ye and Missy Elliott.


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